New Year’s Day – a quiet time around the world

I know that we had a quiet day here in China and I can infer that everyone else had a quiet day too, since this blog enjoyed a record number of views on the day.

It was so quiet, in fact that we have very little by way of information to share. We decided to relax for the early part of the day then headed out in mid-afternoon with the intention of walking down to a restaurant that had been reviewed well on Trip Advisor. One of the few Jiangmen establishments to even be mentioned in that illustrious site. As we left the hotel, we encountered large crowds heading into what appears to be an exhibition centre just across the road from the hotel. There was an intricate piece of wood carving on display outside so we decided to head in and find out what was going on.

DSC_0107It turned out to be a cross between an end of year student art show and an Ideal Home Exhibition. We were again treated like novelties and as we were admiring some jade carvings at one of the stands, a young lady came over to us to explain how they were made. Nothing unusual in that, of course, except two other people also arrived to film the entire exchange. At another point, I turned around to see someone with a camera in my face. I checked behind me to see what he was photographing, but it was me. I think it may be a combination of my size and my facial hair. Maybe they really think I’m Santa.

We continued our walk towards the restaurant and discovered how they transport all of the blue Hellobikes from place to place.

IMG_1184We eventually reached the restaurant we were headed for, called Red Garlic and enjoyed an early dinner. The staff in that restaurant speak excellent English so if you’re in Jiangmen and want a break from all the miming, or pointing at pictures of food, this is the place for you.

After dinner, they were kind enough to order a taxi for us. They warned us that there would be an extra holiday surcharge because it was New Year’s Day, but that we shouldn’t pay more than CNY 30 as the fare. In the end it was CNY 25 – about £3.


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