The Schedule: Where and When

It’s only two weeks until November 28th when we set off on our long journey, so this would be a good time to let everyone know where we are going to be over the next 8 months or so. At least, insofar as we know where we’re going to be.

November 28th – Leave London Heathrow for Cape Town.

December 11th – Leave Cape Town for Johannesburg

December 23rd – Leave Johannesburg for Hong Kong

January 7th – Leave Hong Kong for Tokyo

January 17th – Leave Tokyo for Brisbane

February 13th – Leave Brisbane for Melbourne

February 23rd – Leave Melbourne for Auckland

March 11th – Leave Auckland for Santiago

March 20th – Leave Santiago for Buenos Aires

March 26th – Leave Buenos Aires for Lima

April 2nd – Leave Lima for Cancun

April 13th – Leave Cancun for Boston

July 24th – Leave Vancouver for Chicago

July 29th – Leave Chicago for Montreal

August 6th – Leave Montreal for London

There will be side trips and road trips and poker tournaments and bluegrass jams and at least one music festival scattered around within all that, but those are the flights that are booked.