Feeling cold for the first time in a while

Friday, 12th April was to be our last full day in Mexico. Ishbel was awake early and headed down to the beach with her camera.

2 - 1 (18)

She caught a nice morning light, while I snoozed a little longer. We had determined that today would be a chillout day until we headed out in the evening with our hosts, Donald and Azza, for dinner in Playa del Carmen.

We took the opportunity to practice on our recently neglected instruments and start gathering our possessions for another round of packing and travelling. We’re planning in replacing some of our more well-used garments when we get to the US, so we wanted to assess what clothes still have travelling life left in them and what’s on its last legs.

Dinner in Playa del Carmen was at a Mexican restaurant (of course) called La Cueva del Chango. I once again enjoyed a nice helping of guacamole. I’m starting to think it may have addictive properties. After dinner, we had a walk along the main tourist drag of the town, 5th Avenue, which served to make me glad we had spent our time in the less frenetic surroundings of Paamul. We were pleased to head back there for a nightcap and a last game of euchre.

Donald had arranged with some friends that we would go round to their place on Saturday morning and put out some food for the birds and animals that regularly visit them so Ishbel could get some photos. DSC_0527

The agouti is a lovely little chap: a native rodent about the size of a very large cat, and several of them showed up to take advantage of the free meal on offer. We were also inundated by a flock of Yucatan Jays who are the most amazing shade of blue.


After a while watching the wildlife, it was time to head back, load up the car, and set off on another leg of the trip. The drive to Cancun airport was straightforward enough and we dropped off the car at the rental return lot before being shuttled to the terminal and checking in at the American Airlines desk. Disappointingly, they don’t have a lounge at Cancun so we just bought ourselves a coffee and went to wait at the gate.

The flight was straightforward and we arrived in Boston on time at 5:45pm. Having planned the flights and the stops back in October, there were always going to be little things that may have been missed in the logistics phase. The little thing I had missed for Boston was the fact that we were arriving on the weekend of the Boston Marathon. This meant that accommodation prices were outrageously expensive. I had eventually managed to source an AirBnB in South Boston, which has been gentrified considerably since its portrayal in Good Will Hunting. However, we had decided to stay just one night in Boston and move to New York on the Sunday, so we had to make the most of our brief stay.

We took an Uber from the airport and dropped off all our bags at the apartment. I then ordered another Uber to take us to the Prudential Center as a starting point for a whistle-stop tour of Boston. I’ve been here a few times previously on business but this was Ishbel’s first visit. I had planned a walking route along Newbury St. and across Boston Common… IMG_3165

…to Faneuil Hall and Quincy Market. Night had fallen by now, so the sightseeing was limited but we did what we could. We also noticed a decided chill in the air. Although it’s now baseball season in the US, the weather wasn’t reflective of the traditional summer game. Early spring still carries a bite here.


We capped off our one night in Boston with a couple of beers in The Black Rose, a renowned Irish bar where you are guaranteed live music.  After our sojourn in there, we took another Uber back to Southie and called it a night.




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