The Planning Stage – Accommodation

Eight months is a long time to be away, so we need to manage the trip to some sort of budget. I’ve decided that a sensible cost would be an average of around £100 per night for accommodation, and around £50 per day for subsistence. In some places, the £100 per night is a fairly generous allowance while in others (I’m looking at you, Tokyo) it’s fairly tight.

AirBnB is very helpful in trying to hit the budget. This is our first experience using it, and it has been very straightforward. The problem is, when you know nothing about a city it takes a bit of advance research to decide which places are bargains and which are cheap because you don’t want to be in that part of town. Luckily, that’s the kind of research I enjoy. We’ll discover if I’m any good at it when we start staying at the places I’ve picked, or if I’m just suffering from the Dunning-Kruger effect.

I’ve also been using Booking.Com to get deals on hotels where I think that’s a better option, For example, we have a side trip into China from Hong Kong and I decided we’d be better off in a hotel. This proved to be a good decision from the point of view of getting a (very expensive) Chinese visa.

So far, I have booked accommodation for the first 45 days of the trip, of which only 15 days are using AirBnB, but that’s partly because I was able to get good hotel accommodation in South Africa at a reasonable price. We are a little over budget for those 45 days, but that includes a 4 day safari in South Africa, and the Japanese costs.

I’m at the stage now where I don’t want to pre-plan too much more before we get on the road and start experiencing the places I’ve already chosen and learn some lessons from that.

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