And so it begins…

Tonight’s the night we finally set off on our travels after all of the preparation. ¬†There are always last minute things to get done of course, made slightly more interesting by Mitsubishi choosing this as the day to drop not one, but two recall notices for our car through the door. Nothing we can do about it now so it’s just another task that falls to our son to take care of in our absence.

The suitcases are packed – one each – and both weigh in at just on 20kg, well within our allowable limit of 32kg. In the past, we’ve packed more for a two week holiday than we have for this eight month trip. It’s good to be more disciplined about what we’re carrying and it also means we won’t be buying much as we travel.

Apart from the suitcases, we have the instruments. My mandolin will go as hand luggage, but Ishbel’s dobro¬†will probably need to go in the hold. That’s why she ordered the new case from the nice people at Chapman Cases. They have made a custom fitted case for her in a striking glitter green.


We won’t be mistaking that for anything else on the luggage carousel.

The only other things we’re carrying are a backpack for all of the camera equipment and other small electronics and a couple of carry on bags.

We’re due to fly at 9:30pm, but will be getting to the airport well in advance. Partly because of the unpredictability of the M25 in rush hour, and partly because we’ve got lounge access with the business class tickets, so why not.

This will be the last post in the UK. After today, reporting will be coming from the road.